About My Windsors

AboutW5 Each Windsor chair is crafted from four types of wood: tulip poplar for one board chair seats; white ash for spindles; maple for legs and stretchers; and oak for bendings.
Inherent ability combined with experience and dedication provide skill and patience as Grell uses a drawknife to shape a Windsor comb.
Using a chisel and mallet, Grell carves spiraled ears in the wood he hand selects for the combs and Fan-backs on his Windsors. AboutW2
AboutW3-1 Since 1973, Richard Grell has hand-carved every Windsor chair seat using this self-made tool called an inshave.
After steaming the hand-shaped piece of oak, Grell bends the bow for the back of a Windsor armchair.
To insure the strength of each Windsor chair, Grell hand selects perfectly straight-grained boards to create the spindles, bows, combs, legs, and stretchers.
Hand-Carved-Signature The hallmark of each Grell Windsor is his hand-carved signature and the year on the underside of each seat crafted from a single piece (one board) of poplar.