Photos from R. Grell Fine Woodworking Workshops Classes

Special thanks to our friend, photographer and videographer, Mitch Barnes, who took many of the photos that appear on this website. Your help and support has been much appreciated.

Windsor_Wood-working-workshopIn the Aged Paint Finishing class, a student adds the finishing touches to his Windsor footstool.

hand-built_WindorsAs is the hallmark of every R. Grell Windsor chair, a student uses a chisel and mallet to carve his name on the underside of a child’s Hoop-back seat adding to his own personal legacy.

Hand-built_Windsor_stoolChoosing a color for your Windsor footstool in the Aged Paint Finishing class is infinite.

Windsor_Paint-FinishesA student applies of several aged paint finishing techniques developed by Richard.

Build-your-own_WindsorA student carves a seat using the custom designed inshave made by Richard Grell.

Childs-Windsor-ChairmakingSharing a moment of achievement and gratification.