Masters Class Description

Masters class from Richard Grell Windsor Chairs and Workshops

After numerous inquiries, my Masters Class was created by my students and has been an overwhelming success.  The demand for more flexibility in scheduling, personal instruction, and an expanded creative learning process was the core of the Masters Class development. This class is for the semi-novice, as well as experienced woodworker.

My Masters Class offers one-on-one instruction in selecting, designing, and building your own chair.  All of the traditional construction processes are taught, with an expanded opportunity in learning to carve knuckles and ears on arms and comb-backs.  Most importantly, instruction and customizing what YOU want to learn. Just ask.

Scheduling flexibility offers each student the opportunity to choose dates and times for their class.  Scheduling has been adjusted to accommodate a five day week, or for local residents, weekends.

Customization and flexibility are the foundation of my Masters Class.

Please contact me to further discuss your requests and class fees.
Richard Grell – (330) 650-0586